Previous Registrar

The management of the Institute acts under the authority of the Bishop’s College Society and the Council of Serampore College. A member of the faculty of either college appointed for a period of three years acts as the Registrar of NIIPGTS. The Institute is administered by a Management Committee consisting of the Principals of the Colleges, the Registrar, the Dean of Doctoral Programme, as well as all the professors of the Institute. The academic programme in each branch of study offered by the Institute is administered by a departmental committee consisting of all the professors of the department and the NIIPGTS Registrar.

From among the faculty of Serampore College and Bishop’s College a Registrar is appointed for a period of three years, who runs the entire administration of the institute and acts as the Executive of the body.

Following are the Registrars of NIIPGTS:

1 Rev. Dr. W. S. Rhodes
2 Rev. Dr. D. V. Singh
3 Rev. S. D. C. Alagodi
4 Rev. Dr. D. A. K. Mondal
5 Rev. Dr. K. David
6 Rev. Dr. A. Behera
7 Rev. Dr. D. K. Sahu
8 Rev. Dr. T. Hembrom
9 Rev. Dr. Siga Arles
10 Rev. Dr. V. J. John
11 Rev. Dr. Ivy Singh
12 Dr. Samuel Longkumer
13 Rev. Dr. Pratap Chandra Gine
14 Dr. Samuel Longkumer
15 Rev. Dr. Limatula Longkumer
16 Dr. Aswathy John
17 Dr. T. Chuba Jamir
18 Rev. Dr. Kailash Kumar Chatry (incumbent)